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Bands of Obsession: Thieves Like Us

I actually did a project based off of them for my first web design class. We had to make a website for a band we liked, and I they were all I listened to at the time.
I sent it to them and they were nice enough to write me back! See some bands still do care about their fans. They added me on facebook and I always get invited to these SICK parties in europe that I'll never be able to go to.

Thieves Like us had a lot to live up to since they're named after one of my favorite new order songs, and I have to be honest, I wasn't willing to give them that chance at first. Despite my reluctance, Thieves had too much of an authentic eighties new wave sound for me to resist. They're not just an eighties revival band, they sound legitimately like they're from 1981. Pros at synth, and dark, new wave vocals.

Below is my favorite song of theirs. It's just so beautiful and perfect sounding The video is spectacular. I feel like if I could sum up the type of music I'm into, with one song, this might be it. Not sure yet.
Their videos are pretty fantastic. The above is the only one that's actually staged, the rest are chopped up eighties films, like this one from Christiane F. This movie is not only really really good on it's own, but it has David Bowie in it and an enticing eighties soundtrack.
The Album covers are usually really great, and I had fun recreating some for my project. It looks like what they do is take a shitty point and shoot camera to wild hipster parties where long haired chicks just get trashed off of pbr and then they take the "after" shots.
Play Music is their superior album. It's dark and disco. Again and Again is less cohesive as an album, but has singles like the above "Never Known Love" that I adore. You can listen to the whole thing here.

I hope to see them in concert one day.

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The brochure I made for studio one. It's supposed to be the process by which you get inspiration. The beginning is all cloudy and dark because you have ideas, but things become clearer and refined when you go towards the end.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nina Hagen

I finally found this at the record fair, I've been looking for it for a while.

I have forgotten how much I love her. Before there was Lady Gaga, there were avante garde artists in the eighties that were just wayyyy ahead of their time. Nina Hagen was one of my favorites. She's from Germany, and had a pop/new wave style all of her own. At first I used to make fun of how she looked in this video, but then she grew on me. She sounds like some sort of creature from the Dark Crystal or the Labyrinth or something, and looks like Rainbow Brite.
I think she was never big in the US, although I've found a cassette tape of hers "Fearless" at Half Priced, and I know Laura has found this record on vinyl (I'm so jealous).
In the nineties she went totally GOTH on us all and was the subject of a few Pierre et Gilles pieces, such as the one above.

She also had this Industrial phase in the 90s that I find fascinating. I even like this song, even though it's cheesy and Ramsteinish. She's just a misunderstood pig tailed goth lady, singing about I don't know what. The video is captivating too. Nina with her tig old skull bitties singing a ballad through a mouthful of cigarette butts. The imagery is actually pretty beautiful I think. It's funny how she went from being so colorful, to so dark and achromatic.
I love you Nina!

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Slasher Flick

Photoshoot based off of B Movies (my favorite kind)