Thursday, October 29, 2009

Robot Dance Competition

This is so amazing, why wasn't I there?  A robot dancing competition IN THE EIGHTIES!  This is so bizarre yet so RAD!  These robot-folk really stay in character and dance better than anyone I've ever seen.  I love the eighties robot that vaporizes all of the losers.  Eighties Robots are the superior robots.  The little boy makes a terrible robot, he should have gone first.  Actually the robot should have eaten him.  Yeah!  

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How Corn Dogs Ruined My Life

I grabbed a corn dog for lunch at JO’s.  Seemed like a good idea at the time, little did I know it was going to ruin my day.  We were supposed to be doing logos in graphics today, so I was excited to see what we’d be working on.  We formed a circle.  Some boy: “I only had three cups of coffee for breakfast this morning, I’m so hungry.”  My Professor: “Let’s go around the room and see what everyone had for breakfast.  Some boy:  “You’re gonna make me hungry.”  I thought my professor was just picking at the guy.   When it was my turn, I told him about the corn dog.  Everyone merely chuckled.    My professor couldn’t contain his laughter.  I should have known something was up.  The man had something up his sleeve. He  told us that we’d be designing logos based off what we said in class, in my case corn dogs.  I was so upset.  “How can I make corn dogs into a high end logo?”  He told me my lunch was “white trash” and a lot of “white trash” foods now a days were being turned into classy “boutique style” restaurants.  I was mortified.  Corn dogs.  CORN DOGS?  Why?  How can I make this work?

                  I was upset about it.  I had the most challenging, least rewarding assignment in the class all because I ate a crappy lunch.  On top of that we have to have over 100 logo thumbnails by next class.  Again, mine is on corn dogs!

I decided that I would make lemons into Lemonade and go with a circus theme.  I may have hated the idea of corndogs, but the circus was something I could get into and probably do something cool with.  Here are my first two logos.

Keep in mind they're web Jpegs so the color isnt nearly as good.  This is my strong man logo.  Like the sideshows of the circus.  Holding guessed it CORN DOGS!

And here's an elephant one.  We're technically not allowed to do anything like this because we aren't supposed to use PS but I really think the distressing of the solid colors gives it a really old timey feel, which is what I ultimately want out of the logo.  

There will be more and final version, I just wanted to post my progress.

What would you like?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Art History Project: Surrealism

It kind of sucks.  I wish I had more time on it.  Oh well.  This was for a paper I did on my "dreamz" although most of this stuff I just made up.  I figured I could do album art like this some day because I like the dreamy style.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Songs of Obsession "Outdoor Minor" by Wire

Yet another track pulled off of an mixed album made by this girl.  I don't feel like I need to explain this.  I don't know if this is the actual video because it's so home made looking

random iphone photos

I've been neglecting my nikon, and taking crappy pictures of the beautiful city of Savannah with my iphone.  Bad quality pics, BUT they do document my finds in the city, which are vast.
This was this really cool garden, that might be someone's backyard, I couldnt tell.
The architecture here is stunning.  The buildings are so old, and moldy, and decomposing.  Chipped paint, ivy, spanish moss.  I love everything about it.
It's like nature is taking over. 
This is where the freshmen dorm is.  I kind of wish i lived here just because of the bridge where everyone uses as a socialization smoker's deck.  They even have a moat with turtles.  But then again, I'd have to live with freshman, and I'd have to have two room mates, and I'd be far away from everything else at the bottom of a hill close to the highway.

This drain is so great.  I wanna put one on my trailer.

not to be all Ra Ra Ra

Not to be all Ra Ra Ra, everyone pay attention to me, Me, ME, but I'm proud of myself for getting two pieces up in the display case at my new school.  This place fits like a glove.  It's a great feeling when you were told you couldn't do something (I'm talking to you North Texas) and then you accomplish it.  I would send them an "IN YOUR FACE" letter, but that's not my style.  
Top left.  Drawing in Design project.  The class with geometry (barf). I thought I would fail this project, and I ended up getting it displayed.  I guess I got it afterall.

Bottom right is mine.  The girl above me has real good work too.  I have to beat her next time!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Sci Fi Movie Poster: Social Butterfly

For my graphics class we got to draw genres and titles out of a hat and design posters for them.  Mine was Social Butterfly, a Sci Fi flick.  I can't believe I got sci fi.  The mighty must have been looking after me.  The movie is about a military starship that interesects a signal from a damaged civilian ship.  They find only one survivor who happens to be a beautiful, charming young woman i. e. social but she really turns out to be an alien trap.  

I wanted this composition to have an insect like feel so I made the building of the ship like honey comb.  I decided that no good sci fi flick would be complete without intense looking spaceship corridors, which make up the eyes in this poster.  One thing I did by accident that I enjoy probably the most in the entire comp now was when I moved the text down to the bottom, you can see a tendril like shape curving around her eye made up of tattered butterflies. It reminds me of the Borg queen from Star Trek, and I think it gives it an overall creepy feel.  The type was handrawn also.  

I'm pretty proud of this, especially since we had very little time to make it and print it which was a nightmare.  I had to go to two different places.  Kinkos.  WHY U SO MEAN?

A lot of the other posters in my class were actually pretty impressive and inspirational to me as a designer.  I wish I could show them too.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Running Up that Hill

I never once thought I'd here a remix of this goddess of songs that I'd approve of, but I stumbled across this one, and definitely got down to it.  It's beautiful, and it's hard to improve on a masterpiece.  Everytime I think of Kate Bush it makes me think of two things, interpretive dancing (done by me of course) and Eighties Night, which is where I first heard it.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Smellissa Returns

Look at this creative expression.  
Look Closer...

IT'S SMELLISSA! She will become a pop culture icon if it's the last thing I ever do.  someone needs to show this to the real smellissa by the way!

Weiner Dog Race

So a friend and I found an ad for Oktoberfest in the counter culture rag we picked up at a guitar store and saw that there was going to be a weiner dog race being held there.  Naturally we didn't have a choice, we had to go, even if it was at 10 am.  I'd still go if it was at 5am.  That's how dedicated I am to weiners.  Also, I wanted to go wherever these wicked fine ladies in front of my dorm were going.
First off, little did my friends and I know that this was going to be a grand event.  Weiners are apparently bigger than big in Savannah and about three hundred weiner enthusiasts showed up before us.

See what I mean.  That bitch would kill you if you even glanced at her precious weiner.  For realzies, you'd be cold dead in the ground.  She'd beat you to death with her charming head gear.

I did get a lot of okay shots of dogs there though.  Cute Overload here I come.
This one even has a little boy whose parents abuse him by forcing him into mandals at a young age IN ADDITION TO a cute bright eyed doxen.  

Look at the determination on this little guys face.  He's been training all year for this.

It's common knowledge that weiner owners are generally SMOKN HOT!  And this gilf is no exception.  She's got a bad side.  She'll bake her grandkids cookies that she baked with the stolen dough that she fingered from Walmart.  

MEanwhile at River St. a great white shark came and nommed all over everyone.  It was a fucking massacre!

Then Satan was all "Why you ragg'n on my empire, bro?"  Unfortunately I didn't get this in focus where I wanted it to be, BUT it did focus on the old tourist checking his digital camera to make sure he got the shot of him too.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Guns don't Kill People, Lazers do

Major Lazer has been a reoccuring theme I've noticed here.  I heard someone talking about the music on the bust the other day, one of my friend's here is a fan, and even my professor dropped his name during critique.  I listen to them (or him?) on the way to class, and it gives me a sense of swagger and rush of confidence, like carrying around an 11X17 sketch pad is the most bad ass thing anyone has ever done EVER.  There's also something about it being heavily reggae influenced that keeps me interested; i guess because I've never really bothered with the genre.  I did go to Marley fest once!  There are enough dread locked, stoner white kids in this world, too many in fact and I don't want to contribute to the bleaching of Jamaican culture.  I like the aesthetic of the cartoons.  Same guys who do Tim & Eric I heard, which I havent checked out either, but it has this feel to it that I can't help but appreciate.  I also like the tropical colors.
My Favies:

So raunchy!

Totes ALT's bros!

Look at how totes ALT (short of alternative, that's what I'm calling hipsters now) I am. Yesterday I went 2 UO and some guy asked me where I keep the rain coats. I'm alt 4 real real now. Definitely not MNSTRM I mean, look at how pensive and inspiring I can be.
I'm probably listening to reshrink wrapped 30$ records that are 6 times more than their original price, like The Smiths EP I saw at UO yesterday. Maybe even some indie electronic music, like this band with a clever name!
Has anyone seen my PBR? I've only had like 10 of them b4 class. Speaking of PBR there's an all you can drink PBR night at one of the bars. I'm like totes gonna be there every week.
I've got the whole world ahead of my thick chunky glasses.
Look at how damn artsy I can B just sitting in a chair and using my SLR.  Misunderstood Genius 4 life!