Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'm a highway man

It's kind of my theme song for the moment. The song's about starting over I think, and that's what I always feel like. I'm infinitely starting over like a golden rectangle. I'll never quit.

"i fly a starship, across the universe divide, and when I reach the other side, I'll find a place to rest my spirit if I can."

This Town

This town.  It's my town.  I had a couple of minor bumps towards the beginning, there was that hobo incident, and the return of geometry (i really didn't see that one coming)  but then I realized I didn't come all this way for this to be an easy journey.  This is the real deal; this is the Art School Confidential: Special True Edition.  This is the time for refreshing throw-yourself-in-front-of-a-full-speed-bus struggles  I'm more than willing to rub my nose in the broken glass of insane art projects with even more psychotic deadlines if I can come out successful.  I'm more than willing to humiliate myself and laugh it off.  I'm more than willing to be friendly, and talk to strangers, even if it's the thing that I hate doing most in this whole socially retarded world.  I've done this once before, and maybe I was ill equipped then, but now I've even got the Shark Repellent Bat Spray.  

I feel like I know where most things are now; I've definitely got some serious bearings.  I know what to do most of the time, and what not to.  Example: Go to awesome Art Gallery for funzies(yes) talk to hobo trying to steal my shoes (no), ride bike (it's a beautiful day) ride bus (maybe if i feel like an old fashioned group fondle) Go to Star Trek showing at SCAD theater (Hell YES!) stay in box-like dorm like a hermit doing homework (only sometimes)   I've made some new friends, some incredibly cool people on my dorm floor.  I've met some enemies already as well, but they'll get theirs just like all of the others (I'm talking to you WORLD).  I've got a bike now, an acid green cruiser with a bell.  I'm the grandfather of hip.

I live in a gorgeous, unique city, one of the oldest in the US, and not only that but I live down town.  I'm a city-folk now.  I'm making this place mine.  Painting the town Kevo, and it will never be the same again.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Photoshop Project!

I slaved over it, and it's finally finished! I just need to print it and mount it (ahhh!) and then It'll be ready to turn in.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Songs of Obsession "Perfect Murder" by The Glove

There are parts of this song that defy music, so beautiful, so ambient, you feel like you're floating through a stream of air.  I can't help but listen to it back to back over and over again.  I'm starting to get into this band.  They seem like a perfect combination.  I like it when bands have more than one lead vocalist (the vaselines, the pixies, fleetwood mac, the magnetic fields), it makes it diverse.  Unfortunately no music video, but someone did make a slideshow.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Dorm Room

My Dorm.  Oglethorpe.  It be in Middle Earth!
From a side view, it looks like College Inn from my old school...
Only with fancier gating.  The gas mask is my roomy's.
Here's a view of my side of the room.
Joy division!!!! There's our bathroom.  Our shower curtain has tatoos on it.
I still keep it very eighties.  The eighties night posters make me miss it so much.  sigh!

My record player.  Of course I brought it with me!
These are the washing machines.  They're outside.  Why?!!

Super Hero Folder

Free Love

I believe that Zombies and Robots have the right to love each other, just like every other science fictional monster and human being has that right.  This was a painting I did for my friends' apartment, so I incorporated some hidden meanings in the background (Smellissa, My eyes so i could forever haunt them)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Too much to ask...

I want a really awesome posse with ballin uniforms, that has choreographed dance moves based off of myself.  Is that too much to ask?  I don't think it is.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Homicidal Tendencies

Below is a video I found before I started to come here.  A lot of it's bull shit. It gets me when he raps on top of the shrimp boat.  mmmmm.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Savannah Tomorrow

I'm leaving for Savannah tomorrow.  I have to be honest, it's about time.  Sorry San Antonio, I'm more than ready to move on.  You were fun some of the time, but I was really only putting up with you in order to get to your charming friend.  I have more than butterflies, more like bats flying around my stomach, blindly smacking the walls.  I just have this feeling it's going to be really great, spectacular.

2 weeks

Just 2 more weeks of wearing this thing, which means I'm only wearing it for the first week of school!  It makes me so relieved, because I thought I'd have to wear it for six more weeks, which is practically my entire first term. 

Monday, September 7, 2009

Bulletproof Corset

Ever since my back operation i've had to use this brace around my lower back that's uncomfortable to the highest degree, and feels like a bulletproof corset.  I've hated it since I woke up, drug induced, with it on after my operation, and I hate it now.  It's hot, lik I'm wearing twelve extra layers of clothing around my stomach, it gets sweaty, and it always feels tight no matter what.  It has the opposite affect of a corset; it just makes me look fat in the front; pot bellied.  I can no longer wear T shirts.  I'm basically wearing a fat suit, either that or it looks like I'm pregnant. Like I made a poor decision, got caught up and the moment and didn't have use a condom.  Now I'm stuck with this demonic, velcro squid that wraps itself around my torso. 

Tomorrow I find out how long I have to wear it for.  I hope I don't have to wear it at all anymore.  It would be really terrible to have to wear it at my new school.  I want a fresh start, and I feel like this can hold me back. I don't want my first impression on people to be "the cripple." I'm not myself when it's on me either.  I feel self conscious.  Like some kind of evil symbiot turning me into a shy, boring, defenseless monster.  

That was my rant.  I'll try not to post more.  

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Songs of Obsession The Different Story by Peter Schilling

DJ G posted this on Facebook and I thought it was really cool.  I know it's cheesey, especially towards the end (cut to Peter Schilling hitting the high notes) BUT it's very danceable, and I love the magic flute noises they use.  I'm Kevin Craft, and I approve of this cheesiness.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Morton Bartlett

Here's another artist that I really like right now.  His name is Morton Bartlett and he's a photographer who takes his work to the next level.  He takes old antique dolls and remakes them to look more human.  Then he puts them in human-like settings, but they still wind up feeling very unreal, even uncomfortable looking.  They're just pictures but you feel this creepy sensation that these dolls are alive.  It's creepy, and strange, even frightening, and I'm in love with it.  I wish I had something like that to take pictures of.

Thomas Allen Photography

I've wanted to do this diorama style for a while ever since I saw someone completely copy the original on the second floor of the art building.  The originals, done by Thomas Allen and designed for book covers by Chip Kidd.  They didn't even change it much at all, it's like they just copied the style EXACTLY and marketed it to their professor as their own.  Same pulp style and everything, they could have at least switched SOMETHING up.  They got away with it too, which I think is really awful.  The person I was with said "Doesn't this look cool?" and I thought, it would look better if I made it my own and didn't just completely rip someone else off.  So I tried it out.  

I'm using the bottom one for a Wormhole cover.

Light Years Away

I took these with the shutterspeed set low at dusk.  The first one is really cool I think because it looks like I'm beaming down from my spaceship to talk to earth folk.  The other resembles tendrils of light coming from above, which is crazy because I was really just waving the flashlight around at random, and it just came out like that.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Songs of Obsession: Telstar by the Tornados

This song is the new send off.  It just makes me feel like I'm going off somewhere exotic, which I kind of am, being that I'm off to Savannah in a week, which is completely different than what I'm used to.  New climate, new location, new friends, new room mate, new love interests, new school, new classes, new professors, new projects, new everything.  I love it!  I get to start over completely and this will be the send off.  Sorry Keyboard Cat, Telstar is the new send off song.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Second Issue Up! Woohoo!

I committed to something.  Hooray!  This issue introduces new characters into the Wormhole universe.  I hope you can tell who the cameos are.  Silver Lace might be a bit hard, but I'll give you a hint, she's from X-Men.  This is just the cover, but you can see the rest here.