Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Love

I'm in love...with typography.  I'm gonna do some personal projects soon.  I need to ad some more WHOA! to my portfolio.

I'm digging these shades

Wish I had thought of the wicked cool fly specs.  Oh well.

Pony Unicorn Video

Okay I'm not a super huge fan of the song, which is why it isn't in my "Songs I'm Obsessed With" section BUT the video has a pony unicorn in it.  A PONY FUCKING UNICORN!  I can't say no to that.

Resident Evil 5

Okay so technically they aren't zombies, but more like bodies being harvested by mutant parasites, but you get the jist right? 

 Let's face it, videogames are the new crack, I don't allow myself to play through out the school year (because I've cleaned up and am done with the streets!) , so every summer I buy one game that's supposed to curb my boredom, and this one does the trick.  Capcom's Resident Evil series has been terrifying me since I bought the first game on PS1.  I'm huge fan of the survival horror genre because I feel there's something refreshing about playing in the dark, alone, and frequently changing your trousers because you're so fucking SCARED!  Resident Evil 5 offers something even more than it's previous titles; it's co op.  You feel a sense of commradery when you play with someone, no matter who it is because YOU WANT TO STAY ALIVE.  

I highly recommend it!  But don't take my word for it! 

I just wanna play em!

If you're lost with the title, check out this sweet music video that dominated the majority of my last year at my old school.  I admit, I don't play very often anymore except for Resident Evil 5 which is incredible (more on that later).  

Anyway, a couple months ago I was looking at Something Awful's Photoshop Phriday gallery and stumbled upon this. That's right ladies and gents, they've made vintage video game posters!  A guilty pleasure (or middleschool obsession) mixed with an art movement I've always loved (and regretted not being a part of).  

I had a design-gasm when I saw them, like literally my fingertips were tingling and I immediately wanted to go out swap some creative juices.  I'd like to say this, any of these game posters has a lot more intrigue, and mystery than their actual covers.  So great job Photoshop Phriday contestants who are just as nerdy as I am.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Chip Kidd Interview

An open interview with Chip Kidd (my hero) in Berlin.  For those of you who don't know Chip Kidd wrote The Cheese Monkeys (an art major's bible) and the sequel, The Learners.  He's also done about a zillion book covers, some of the more famous include Michael Crichton's novels (Jurassic Park, Time Line), Bret Easton Ellis (American Psycho, Glamorama), and many of David Sedaris' works (Me Talk Pretty One Day, Naked.) If graphic design bores you (and I hate you!) the best part is at the end.  Does this accent really exist?

Friday, June 26, 2009

Pop Up Art

These were taken from a pop up book I found in my room called Museum of Unnatural History.  These drawings started out 2 Dimensional and were cut to become 3 Dimensional.  My idea was to convert them back to their original state with my camera and this is how they came out.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Songs of obsession: Slowdive-Souviaki Space Station

This song is so beautiful.  I've never heard anything like this.  It's mind blowing.  It consumes you in gorgeous vocals and eerie noise.  This is not a music video, it's just some video someone put together on youtube, but I feel like it could be.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Everything is terrible

My all time favorite blog ever!  www.everythingisterrible.com  It's an entire blog dedicated to PSA's, infomercials, and awesomely bad stuff in general from the 50's to today!  Below is a recent video made in I'm guessing the late eighties or early nineties.  It takes place in an alternate reality where men are sexually harassed more than women.  Why did somebody feel the need to construct this fantasy in video form?  Elephant + Rhino = Elaphino

WARNING! Be prepared to waste countless hours and life points when going to this site.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Savannah: The City

Savannah is a really unique city to say the least.
(Left) Check out this one building I saw, completely consumed by nature.  (Right) The streets of Savannah.
 The touristy section.  It's right next to the river, and minutes from the beach.
Most importantly there's a place for me to get ma weave on!  Or buy a plush severed head!

Savannah: The School

So I took a Campus Tour of my new school, and I've got to say I was pleasantly impressed.  Savannah's buildings are historic and old on the outside (which I'd love regardless) but on the inside it's like walking into the future, or at least the most contemporary design I've ever seen of today.  All of the classrooms have state of the art equipment.  For example, the graphic design classrooms have the latest Macs, scanners, and wacom tablets.  My old school was in a tight room with brown stains on the ceiling, no air conditioning, and a repulsive stench of spray mount, so obviously this is an upgrade.  The dorms were pretty spacious since all of them used to be apartments that Savannah bought.  I'm convinced that this school is for me and it was a smart move coming here.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Am I Still Ill

So I'm a fan of the Smiths, and I've been wanting a Morrissey shirt for a long time so I decided, what the hell, I'll make one myself.  And I did! Here are the results.  I used a stencil made out of bristol board and fabric paint.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Savannah: Spanish Moss

For those of you who don't know I recently ventured to Savannah Georgia to visit SCAD (Savannah School of Art and Design) whihc I will be attending this fall.  The city was very charming.  One of the coolest things about it I thought was the Spanish Moss hanging from every tree, like some kind of creepy cotton candy taking over the town.  Here are a few of the pictures.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Songs of Obsession: Heads Will Roll

The new song of obsession "Heads Will Roll" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.  I like them a lot, but this single off of their new album It's Blitz! is simply incredible to save the least.  It has a dark, eerie vibe but still retains the spunk that a lot of their songs have.  The only thing better is the artsy music video, featured below.

Long Island is Long: The Party

The drinking started about right when everyone woke up, give or take 9:00am

Look! There's me!  Only the finest Keystone Light, and Mountain Ice were available, but the class of the beer didn't stop anyone.   
Look here's my pal Jay.  Doesn't he look smart?  He's probably thinking about numbers and shit.
The mansion is under siege!  I adored the moon bounce.  What a great idea! Alcohol + Bouncy things = Win...and lose.
Me with Jay's new room mate, Tophi with some girl I don't remember.  Mmm watermelondria.
Tophi got drunk right away because he started early so he suffered the most.  I like the Lady Gaga reference on his arm, someone must have had that stuck in their head all day long.  BUTTS!
Here's him passed out on the lawn!  He's innocently taking a heterosexual nap until...
...RAWR!!!!!! Chastity taken!

and here's Jay passed out on the lawn.  I drew some stitches where he got his appendix removed years ago.

Long Island is Long: The Venue

I'm finally back from vacation, and have a lot to share.  My first sphere of influence: Long Island.  City of Guidos named Vinny, fake tans, gold chains, spiky hair (pronunced hayah) and popped collars this is the home of the Webb Institute, a Naval Engineering/ Architecture school that one of my best friends, Jay goes to.  
This isn't your average school being that it was once a mansion that now houses an array of ner-CHARACTERS studying engineering.  Perhaps you're asking "What are you doing here Kevin? You're way too cool, you don't belong here!" On the contrary every year all of the "Webbies" throw a gigantic drinking party with booze, food, and music!   
Here is the front gate of the school.  Webb Institute was actually where they filmed one of the Bat Man movies.
here's a view from the ocean, notice all the terraces.  Perfect for falling off of when you're drunk.
They're right next to the freezing cold beach.
It's place of art and culture.
This was the room I got to stay in.  Jay got kicked out of his other room for urinating on the furniture like a dog would.  Instead of rubbing his nose in the mess and spanking him they kicked him out.  It's really quite ginchy.  A swanking bachelor's pad.  Look at that green chair, that LEATHUH couch that just wants to suffocate you in your comfort!
Jay's roommate has got some serious class.  He wore the paisly one to Wendy's!

These are the records they found in the attic which include Barry Manilow, Donna Summer and Barbara Streisand!