Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cantolope & Rasberry

"Hey Kevin, shouldnt you be doing your homework?"
"Hell NAH! Imma take picz of ma new hair did"
I'm trying to do the Morrissey quif with my hair, but I need to wait a while for the top to grow longer. Can't wait until it does so I can finally live my life of melancholy right!

Sing me to Sleep

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Reptiles and Samaurai

The Worst Party EVERRRRR

I've decided that I'm missing too many shots by not lugging my SLR around, so to parties and bars, I'm going to be traveling with my lil pointNshoot camera.
Rainy city streets

Bren and Gray solving the mystery of the missing partyJay Walking
Everything here looks much more sinister at night.
These boys mean business
I don't know what this is.
Jay Walking
A picture form the actual party. It was so bad, I started crying! Jk, but it was pretty awful. I had to pay to get in, there were about two hundred people there in one apartment, and the keg was out by the time we got there. We stayed maybe 10 minutes.
Song of the night
Bren introduced me to this. They did such a good job. I normally despise Smith covers but this one I respecit.The loop! It's so perfect.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

hipster art

In my LAyout and web design class we are learning how to use Indesign, a program I only kind of know how to use. After he gives a tutorial he gives us ten minutes to create a poster on Indesign with a specific theme. This class's theme was "World's Youngest Yodeller." I really like doing them because they always end up looking like shit, and in a way, they look like posters that hipsters make for their bands. This looks like a poster for some Chillwave band done by someone who does acid on a regular picked an LOL CATS font, and doesn't know shit about photoshop. I'm gonna start saving the especially bad ones and posting them on here. Let the crap begin! I think stars will be my signature style on these.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pierre Et Gilles

I bought a Pierre et Gilles notebook on clearance at Primary Art Supplies. It's actually a planner but I'm going to use it as a sketchbook/notebook. Pierre and Gilles are a dynamic duo that produce fantastic photography usually with romantic or homesexual themes. Their models often look like dolls to me. This planner has a lot of their older work from the nineties. Very cool. Here are some shots of it.

Nina Hagen

This is my all time favorite piece they've done. "Le Renard" It's in a calendar I have of theirs. Breathtaking! I wish I could find a better quality image.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Pin Up Girls

This is a collage I made for my mother's birthday out of a rip out pin up girls calender she gave me, and wrapping paper. The brown paper actually has a gold sheen but it didn't appear in the scan >:( Oh well. The original will still have the pizzaz! I'm thinking of doing a series of these like the super hero ones I did.

Nighty Night

Chanel's old person reading glasses.
I must try them on.
Fixed gear with stolen handlebars.
Gray being all flannely.
Chanel loves the cold.
Bren's torso.
Me again! Obsessed with the most important thing, myself.
Awwwww Eskimo.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chanel Collage

The fucking hipsters are totes copying my grl, Chanel's style!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Brainstorming for my next project at Gal Ex (Gallery Experesso) with Bren. It is a coffee table book about skeleton keys. I'm really excited about it. Right now I'm thinking it's going to be the grimiest, grungiest book ever made, but that may change.

Friday, January 8, 2010

songs of Obsession "Ready Able" Grizzly Bear

I heard this song on my first day of class, but I didn't know what it was called. I got to the point where I never thought I'd hear it's magic again, when to my surprise it came on Pandora and I jotted it down. I never thought I'd be hip enough to like Grizzly Bear, but I guess this song changed that. The music video is almost as impressive as the song. The synth transition is what got me. I don't think I'll ever forget this song. Claymation is always a win for me. It's childish and reminds me of when you were little and sculpted with playdough, and mixed it all together into that greenish/brown mush.
You know who else likes this song...
Jay Z and Beyonce!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Wonder Woman Collage

The final collage I did as of break. Notice her belt! I made it out of scraps of a coloring book. "Wonder Woman will get you!" threatening!