Monday, January 4, 2010

Savannah Adventure

Like a phoenix rising from the embers and ashes of a fallen firebird, I have returned to Savannah for my second quarter. When at home, a fine gentleman like myself will open a bottle of wine, and start watching fine entertainment, like Wife Swap, or exactly 3 minutes of Jersey Shore (all I can take). I no longer have cable, and I didn't want to watch all of my 30 Rock dvds right away, so I decided to go out and take pictures.
A rickety old building. Is it just me, or do buildings look a lot better when the paint is chipping? Just me? Ok.
An iron horse thingy. I think people used to use it to park their horses on back in the day.
A blood red door, opens the gate to purgatory. It gives me a severe Sleepy Hollow vibe. I'm digging it.

I randomly found this set up on somebody's window sill. An incredible find. I think I should meet this person and argue about Star Wars.
A comb. Someone must have dropped it! I have to find them! They're gonna want their comb back!
The coolest, most non-losery guy in all of Savannah.
Some ivy taking over an iron gate.
City at sunset.

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