Monday, October 29, 2007

wacky type

So midpoint into the semester, the program knew there would be an uprising if they pushed us too hard so for a week they had us paint marks with black ink and turn them into text. It was nice to take a break for a while, no deadlines, no thumbnails. The top is done with a screw, the middle done with the ribbed edge of a boxcutter, and the bottom a twisted craft stick.

Crap, now that the week is over we actually have to do work. Gross!

Sunday, October 21, 2007


For an Art History assignment we had to venture out of our little town and go out to the big city. Luckily, I had a guide so I didn't get hopelessly lost. We went to the Art Dsitrict in Dallas. I don't care for the "Dallitude", but Dallas is a beautiful city; I love the skyline. (Top) Me in front of a skyscraper (middle) The ceiling of the entrance to the Chase Tower (Bottom) Some kind of Fog sculpture.

Design Warriors

I had the idea during Art History when I was carrying around my T-square. They just make good weapons. I can totally see an all out battle royale between two comm design students. French stars. Just think about it. I tried to make the ruins in the background resemble a serif and a terminal.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

fun cups

These were glasses from a party I went to a while ago. Top (women's torso my friend drew on her cup) Middle (tea cups, wall plug, shooting star) Bottom ( a self portrait of one of my other friends, and a male torso so the female wouldn't get lonely.)

Computers are Evil

I want to strangle Jerry Bruckheimer. I finally come up with an evocative concept for his type, and I keep running into problems. Galactica said my project was “going to be a bitch to kern,” as well as finding out what to do with the J which becomes the counter of the B. On top of that I have to do it in illustrator, a program that’s about as forgiving as a scorpion. Ugh! I hate this project!

I went to the computer lab in the art building and it was really crowded with other comm design students (I think we might start calling ourselves commies) frantically trying to perfect their type. I couldn’t even get a Mac, I had to get a PC and it wouldn’t recognize my flash drive so I couldn’t save anything. It was very frustrating and created a lot of stress. I got a nasty headache, the same kind of headache that you get after you take a math test that you know you failed.

I’ve been so overly stressed lately, it’s getting ridiculous. Typography just keeps pounding me over and over again like a blind hammer. I’ve had something due everyday since school started, and the critiques never let up; I just want a break to rest my tired mind. My mind is a fat blob of grey matter, collapsed on a yoga mat of thoughts. No more fonts, no more type, no more thinking! I’ll either be a diamond or a pile of dust by the end of this semester.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

web comic preview

I have an idea for a web comic I'm going to start. It's nothing serious, just something i can do in my sketchbook while professors go on about nothing.

The premises is that it's a satire on the comm design program and how extreme/ridiculous it can be. It focuses around a boy who gets killed in an accident of some kind. When he gets to the underworld, the devil tells him "Ha! you think you're the first comm design student that's tried to take the easy way out!" and sends him back to earth. There's going be a lot of humor involving the program to be evil; it's meant to be more of a laugh than serious. The main character is going to be based off of me but with glasses (I'm not that narcissistic!). His glasses are an uppercase Agency MT "B." Typography, how i hate that you've completely infiltrated my life.

I have a couple of preview pages I've been working on.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


I was out by the art building doing an outside assignment when I stumbled upon this little number. Hilarious! I do believe in god, I just think that the comparison to Santa is funny.

Tom, if you're out there, you need to work on spell check, 'Damn it!' has an 'N' and Clause has an 'E' I believe.


I've decided that I don't want to lose my craft, and drawing serifs, bowls, and arms of letters isn't enough to suffice my artistic hunger. I drew this last night. If my life were a comic book this would be this year's cover. I tried to incorpprate a lot of references to typography since that's what I'm spend most of my time doing(note how the horn on the dragon turns into a T square).

The unicorn is just for fun because, well, unicorns are badass! They have horns for a reason (to impale things) and they can do magic.

Saturday, October 6, 2007


I drew it in English so my mind wouldn't decompose. I'm really into tentacles and apendages these days. It doesn't really mean anything, just a doodle.


Art is sex.
Professor Galactica spent a great deal of time talking to a student about how her Jessica Simpson type should somehow incorporate her breasts, then he drew swashes on the J to resemble a pair of double D's. It was hilarious!

He told a different girl in my class that her Madonna type was too sexual because the letters were penetrating each other, and that it just looked like a giant orgy.

He told a guy that his Sandra Bullock font wasn't sexy enough. "Sandra Bullock is hot! Make her type that way!"

*If you don't get the horizontal B, just look at the bowls and think of what they resemble.

Oh Shit!

So when i got to Typography I thumbattacked all 8 of my thumbnails to the wall and when I stood back and looked at everyone else's work I realized that I had done the assignment wrong and I was actually supposed to do 24. I did a third of the actual assignment and I had plenty of time to do it the night before. It was all very embarassing. To the left is a horrible reinactment.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Celebrity Showdown

They finally installed AC into the Typography room so now at least we have the privilege of air. I noticed the vents while staring at those awful brown stains on the ceiling; at best they could be coffee stains, at worst I don’t wish to know.

Our next project involves us taking the name of a celebrity and making the text suit their personality. We all got names picked at random; I got Jerry Bruckheimer, the creator of Top Gun, CSI and the Pirates of the Caribbean series. A girl arrived late to class. Galactica noticed and said, “I’m not going to dock points or anything, but just know that as punishment for being tardy you will get Jessica Simpson.”

The thing about this project that makes it hard is that all the other celebrities are famous because of their personalities: Elton John, Madonna, Celine Dion, P Diddy, etc. My celebrity is famous for his work so I don’t know much about his personality. Hopefully Bruckheimer has some kind of major flaw that I can work with. I beg you Jerry, drop a baby, commit adultery, rob a bank, convert to scientology, anything! For someone who has accomplished so much, your personality sure is dull.

Monday, October 1, 2007

TyPAINgraphy: The Introduction

Definition 1: the art of printing from movable type. The term typographer is today virtually synonymous with a master printer skilled in the techniques of type and paper stock selection, ornamentation, and composition.

Definition 2: A very tedious class that Kevo needs to get through for his major.

Like life, It's all just a game without rules.

  • The Game

Maybe it’s too early to tell, but I don’t feel as adept to typography as the rest of my classmates. They seem to get it, the serifs, the swatches, line thickness, type volume, etc; it all makes sense to them, but somehow it doesn’t register in my brain yet. This is all brand new stuff to me; I’m neck deep in unfamiliar water.
I’m also not too crazy about type. I honestly don’t see what the big deal is; is it not just letters in different fonts? What’s so fucking great about it? Will the bowl of a lower case b ever feed me when I’m hungry, will the arms of an uppercase T ever pull me up from the ground, of course not, and they’re just letters!
  • The Players

Professor Galactica (obviously that's not a real name)
Galactica's latest policy as of last class: every time you use the word ‘like’ during critique, he has permission to smack you on the back of the head. “The beauty of it is I get to smack you all, and if you smack me back you’re screwed!” A guy in my class got smacked five times. It’s a harder feat than you think, ‘like’ has been built into our brains for so long it’s uneasily removed, especially when we’re describing something. The whole point of this amusingly violent method of vocabulary building is so we begin to realize that our personal opinions don’t hold value anymore. A client isn’t going to care what you ‘like’; he or she is going to choose what they want. We work for the client; we are the client. For this entry, I would have been smacked three times.
During another critique Galactica told a girl she had committed a mortal sin for making the horizontals of the letter ‘E’ heavier than the verticals.

Me, Kevo, slave to the trade often times falling victom to projects with crazy deadlines costing endless hours of my time.

My peers, drones with the same goals and aspirations as my own only slightly more experienced. Fortunately this year's portfolio is more about my work competing with itself than others.

  • The location:

Hell, the small hot room on the second floor of the art building.
Critique is an inferno. Once critique starts, the walls move in and I’m trapped. It’s so sweltering I swear Galactica is radiating heat. I try to hard not to sweat, but beads of perspiration start falling down my forehead. I already know there aren’t vents, but I look to the ceiling in a desperate attempt to find imaginary ones. All I see are putrid brown stains of I don’t know what. When it’s my turn, the heat goes up, and suddenly I can’t stop sweating.

Our Typography room was once part of a bigger room, but some genius decided one day to convert it to two. Apparently, they decided that one room (the other side) would have an air conditioner vent, and the other room (our room) would not. We swelter in our classroom; I’m usually sweating not only from the heat but also the nervous atmosphere of critique. The person who decided to split the room should be smacked; if they are dead they should be dug up, then smacked, and then turned around buried facing the earth.

First Entry

Congratulations fool! you've stumbled upon my profile by accident and now I've put an ancient gypsy curse on you, preventing you from clicking away.
Since you're stuck here, we might as well make the most of things & get to know one another other.
My name is Kevo, I am a communication design major at a university of an upward direction,
I pretend to study type faces and fonts, but graphics are what I'm really after.