Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Celebrity Showdown

They finally installed AC into the Typography room so now at least we have the privilege of air. I noticed the vents while staring at those awful brown stains on the ceiling; at best they could be coffee stains, at worst I don’t wish to know.

Our next project involves us taking the name of a celebrity and making the text suit their personality. We all got names picked at random; I got Jerry Bruckheimer, the creator of Top Gun, CSI and the Pirates of the Caribbean series. A girl arrived late to class. Galactica noticed and said, “I’m not going to dock points or anything, but just know that as punishment for being tardy you will get Jessica Simpson.”

The thing about this project that makes it hard is that all the other celebrities are famous because of their personalities: Elton John, Madonna, Celine Dion, P Diddy, etc. My celebrity is famous for his work so I don’t know much about his personality. Hopefully Bruckheimer has some kind of major flaw that I can work with. I beg you Jerry, drop a baby, commit adultery, rob a bank, convert to scientology, anything! For someone who has accomplished so much, your personality sure is dull.

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