Wednesday, October 10, 2007

web comic preview

I have an idea for a web comic I'm going to start. It's nothing serious, just something i can do in my sketchbook while professors go on about nothing.

The premises is that it's a satire on the comm design program and how extreme/ridiculous it can be. It focuses around a boy who gets killed in an accident of some kind. When he gets to the underworld, the devil tells him "Ha! you think you're the first comm design student that's tried to take the easy way out!" and sends him back to earth. There's going be a lot of humor involving the program to be evil; it's meant to be more of a laugh than serious. The main character is going to be based off of me but with glasses (I'm not that narcissistic!). His glasses are an uppercase Agency MT "B." Typography, how i hate that you've completely infiltrated my life.

I have a couple of preview pages I've been working on.

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