Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Computers are Evil

I want to strangle Jerry Bruckheimer. I finally come up with an evocative concept for his type, and I keep running into problems. Galactica said my project was “going to be a bitch to kern,” as well as finding out what to do with the J which becomes the counter of the B. On top of that I have to do it in illustrator, a program that’s about as forgiving as a scorpion. Ugh! I hate this project!

I went to the computer lab in the art building and it was really crowded with other comm design students (I think we might start calling ourselves commies) frantically trying to perfect their type. I couldn’t even get a Mac, I had to get a PC and it wouldn’t recognize my flash drive so I couldn’t save anything. It was very frustrating and created a lot of stress. I got a nasty headache, the same kind of headache that you get after you take a math test that you know you failed.

I’ve been so overly stressed lately, it’s getting ridiculous. Typography just keeps pounding me over and over again like a blind hammer. I’ve had something due everyday since school started, and the critiques never let up; I just want a break to rest my tired mind. My mind is a fat blob of grey matter, collapsed on a yoga mat of thoughts. No more fonts, no more type, no more thinking! I’ll either be a diamond or a pile of dust by the end of this semester.

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I really like your illustrations. To the point and compelling!
JR Design Studio