Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Long Island is Long: The Party

The drinking started about right when everyone woke up, give or take 9:00am

Look! There's me!  Only the finest Keystone Light, and Mountain Ice were available, but the class of the beer didn't stop anyone.   
Look here's my pal Jay.  Doesn't he look smart?  He's probably thinking about numbers and shit.
The mansion is under siege!  I adored the moon bounce.  What a great idea! Alcohol + Bouncy things = Win...and lose.
Me with Jay's new room mate, Tophi with some girl I don't remember.  Mmm watermelondria.
Tophi got drunk right away because he started early so he suffered the most.  I like the Lady Gaga reference on his arm, someone must have had that stuck in their head all day long.  BUTTS!
Here's him passed out on the lawn!  He's innocently taking a heterosexual nap until...
...RAWR!!!!!! Chastity taken!

and here's Jay passed out on the lawn.  I drew some stitches where he got his appendix removed years ago.

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