Tuesday, June 2, 2009

record selects

Record Selects: My Favorites
Unknown Pleasures by Joy Division.  I often times cannot believe I have this album.  I really had to fight for it on ebay, but I was the victor!  This album has gotten me through some rough times.  "Disorder" always gets me through whatever fucked up thing is going on in my life.  I couldn't live without Unknown Pleasures.
I've listened to this album to many times to not let it on the list.  It has that eighties electronica that I love so much.  "Do or Die" is unlike anything I've heard before.
Remain In Light by The Talking Heads.  Quite easily my favorite album of theirs, although it's hard to choose since they've done so much good stuff.  I like every song on the album, but I really wish my favorite talking heads song, "This Must Be The Place" could have been included.
The Pleasure Principle by Gary Numan.  I actually have several of his records but this one is my favorite.  
Factus by New Order, the cover reminds me of Unknown Pleasures, but in some kind of alternate reality.  The tracks on this one are amazing, "Everything's Gone Green", "Mesh", but "Temptation" is a truly incredible song.  One of the saddest songs to dance to.
Self Titles B-52s.  Love everything about them.  Side A is great, "Planet Claire", "52 Girls", "Rock Lobster" and my favorite "Dance This Mess Around."
Low-Life by New Order.  A lot of people don't like this album for reasons I don't understand. I love this album.  Elegia is so powerful and Subculture is so dark and lonely but still leaves you feeling like you gotta dance.
Night and Day by Joe Jackson.  One of my first LP's ever. "Stepping Out" even today sounds different and original.

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