Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Long Island is Long: The Venue

I'm finally back from vacation, and have a lot to share.  My first sphere of influence: Long Island.  City of Guidos named Vinny, fake tans, gold chains, spiky hair (pronunced hayah) and popped collars this is the home of the Webb Institute, a Naval Engineering/ Architecture school that one of my best friends, Jay goes to.  
This isn't your average school being that it was once a mansion that now houses an array of ner-CHARACTERS studying engineering.  Perhaps you're asking "What are you doing here Kevin? You're way too cool, you don't belong here!" On the contrary every year all of the "Webbies" throw a gigantic drinking party with booze, food, and music!   
Here is the front gate of the school.  Webb Institute was actually where they filmed one of the Bat Man movies.
here's a view from the ocean, notice all the terraces.  Perfect for falling off of when you're drunk.
They're right next to the freezing cold beach.
It's place of art and culture.
This was the room I got to stay in.  Jay got kicked out of his other room for urinating on the furniture like a dog would.  Instead of rubbing his nose in the mess and spanking him they kicked him out.  It's really quite ginchy.  A swanking bachelor's pad.  Look at that green chair, that LEATHUH couch that just wants to suffocate you in your comfort!
Jay's roommate has got some serious class.  He wore the paisly one to Wendy's!

These are the records they found in the attic which include Barry Manilow, Donna Summer and Barbara Streisand!

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