Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Dorm Room

My Dorm.  Oglethorpe.  It be in Middle Earth!
From a side view, it looks like College Inn from my old school...
Only with fancier gating.  The gas mask is my roomy's.
Here's a view of my side of the room.
Joy division!!!! There's our bathroom.  Our shower curtain has tatoos on it.
I still keep it very eighties.  The eighties night posters make me miss it so much.  sigh!

My record player.  Of course I brought it with me!
These are the washing machines.  They're outside.  Why?!!

1 comment:

Joe Bananas said...

this is like CI expect maybe if CI was designed by an older southerner from the 1890's. I can dig it! the room looks ballin' dude