Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How Corn Dogs Ruined My Life

I grabbed a corn dog for lunch at JO’s.  Seemed like a good idea at the time, little did I know it was going to ruin my day.  We were supposed to be doing logos in graphics today, so I was excited to see what we’d be working on.  We formed a circle.  Some boy: “I only had three cups of coffee for breakfast this morning, I’m so hungry.”  My Professor: “Let’s go around the room and see what everyone had for breakfast.  Some boy:  “You’re gonna make me hungry.”  I thought my professor was just picking at the guy.   When it was my turn, I told him about the corn dog.  Everyone merely chuckled.    My professor couldn’t contain his laughter.  I should have known something was up.  The man had something up his sleeve. He  told us that we’d be designing logos based off what we said in class, in my case corn dogs.  I was so upset.  “How can I make corn dogs into a high end logo?”  He told me my lunch was “white trash” and a lot of “white trash” foods now a days were being turned into classy “boutique style” restaurants.  I was mortified.  Corn dogs.  CORN DOGS?  Why?  How can I make this work?

                  I was upset about it.  I had the most challenging, least rewarding assignment in the class all because I ate a crappy lunch.  On top of that we have to have over 100 logo thumbnails by next class.  Again, mine is on corn dogs!

I decided that I would make lemons into Lemonade and go with a circus theme.  I may have hated the idea of corndogs, but the circus was something I could get into and probably do something cool with.  Here are my first two logos.

Keep in mind they're web Jpegs so the color isnt nearly as good.  This is my strong man logo.  Like the sideshows of the circus.  Holding guessed it CORN DOGS!

And here's an elephant one.  We're technically not allowed to do anything like this because we aren't supposed to use PS but I really think the distressing of the solid colors gives it a really old timey feel, which is what I ultimately want out of the logo.  

There will be more and final version, I just wanted to post my progress.

What would you like?