Monday, October 19, 2009

random iphone photos

I've been neglecting my nikon, and taking crappy pictures of the beautiful city of Savannah with my iphone.  Bad quality pics, BUT they do document my finds in the city, which are vast.
This was this really cool garden, that might be someone's backyard, I couldnt tell.
The architecture here is stunning.  The buildings are so old, and moldy, and decomposing.  Chipped paint, ivy, spanish moss.  I love everything about it.
It's like nature is taking over. 
This is where the freshmen dorm is.  I kind of wish i lived here just because of the bridge where everyone uses as a socialization smoker's deck.  They even have a moat with turtles.  But then again, I'd have to live with freshman, and I'd have to have two room mates, and I'd be far away from everything else at the bottom of a hill close to the highway.

This drain is so great.  I wanna put one on my trailer.

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