Saturday, October 3, 2009

Weiner Dog Race

So a friend and I found an ad for Oktoberfest in the counter culture rag we picked up at a guitar store and saw that there was going to be a weiner dog race being held there.  Naturally we didn't have a choice, we had to go, even if it was at 10 am.  I'd still go if it was at 5am.  That's how dedicated I am to weiners.  Also, I wanted to go wherever these wicked fine ladies in front of my dorm were going.
First off, little did my friends and I know that this was going to be a grand event.  Weiners are apparently bigger than big in Savannah and about three hundred weiner enthusiasts showed up before us.

See what I mean.  That bitch would kill you if you even glanced at her precious weiner.  For realzies, you'd be cold dead in the ground.  She'd beat you to death with her charming head gear.

I did get a lot of okay shots of dogs there though.  Cute Overload here I come.
This one even has a little boy whose parents abuse him by forcing him into mandals at a young age IN ADDITION TO a cute bright eyed doxen.  

Look at the determination on this little guys face.  He's been training all year for this.

It's common knowledge that weiner owners are generally SMOKN HOT!  And this gilf is no exception.  She's got a bad side.  She'll bake her grandkids cookies that she baked with the stolen dough that she fingered from Walmart.  

MEanwhile at River St. a great white shark came and nommed all over everyone.  It was a fucking massacre!

Then Satan was all "Why you ragg'n on my empire, bro?"  Unfortunately I didn't get this in focus where I wanted it to be, BUT it did focus on the old tourist checking his digital camera to make sure he got the shot of him too.

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