Friday, October 16, 2009

Sci Fi Movie Poster: Social Butterfly

For my graphics class we got to draw genres and titles out of a hat and design posters for them.  Mine was Social Butterfly, a Sci Fi flick.  I can't believe I got sci fi.  The mighty must have been looking after me.  The movie is about a military starship that interesects a signal from a damaged civilian ship.  They find only one survivor who happens to be a beautiful, charming young woman i. e. social but she really turns out to be an alien trap.  

I wanted this composition to have an insect like feel so I made the building of the ship like honey comb.  I decided that no good sci fi flick would be complete without intense looking spaceship corridors, which make up the eyes in this poster.  One thing I did by accident that I enjoy probably the most in the entire comp now was when I moved the text down to the bottom, you can see a tendril like shape curving around her eye made up of tattered butterflies. It reminds me of the Borg queen from Star Trek, and I think it gives it an overall creepy feel.  The type was handrawn also.  

I'm pretty proud of this, especially since we had very little time to make it and print it which was a nightmare.  I had to go to two different places.  Kinkos.  WHY U SO MEAN?

A lot of the other posters in my class were actually pretty impressive and inspirational to me as a designer.  I wish I could show them too.

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