Thursday, October 1, 2009

Totes ALT's bros!

Look at how totes ALT (short of alternative, that's what I'm calling hipsters now) I am. Yesterday I went 2 UO and some guy asked me where I keep the rain coats. I'm alt 4 real real now. Definitely not MNSTRM I mean, look at how pensive and inspiring I can be.
I'm probably listening to reshrink wrapped 30$ records that are 6 times more than their original price, like The Smiths EP I saw at UO yesterday. Maybe even some indie electronic music, like this band with a clever name!
Has anyone seen my PBR? I've only had like 10 of them b4 class. Speaking of PBR there's an all you can drink PBR night at one of the bars. I'm like totes gonna be there every week.
I've got the whole world ahead of my thick chunky glasses.
Look at how damn artsy I can B just sitting in a chair and using my SLR.  Misunderstood Genius 4 life!  

1 comment:

fact_not_fiction said...

Kevin, you are the most ridiculous person on the planet.

I love you.