Sunday, February 7, 2010


So I finally finished mideterms, the logo and type I'm working on for my uncle's club opening, and I've successfully completed a full weekend of having fun. By Sunday, I ran out of things to do so I took a walk to Forsythe park and took my slr.
The shadow of the balcony at my dorm. People think this fancy iron fencing makes this dump look like an enchanting, southern palace. Open your eyes, it's a dirty motel!
I do like it on other buildings though. I love that it's black like a rococo patch of thorns.
Eerie spanish moss on my way out from Oglethorpe.
I especially like the shadows these decorations make at sunset.
I know it's just grass, but I love the way the light hit it.

Best color scheme ever, aqua blue, teal(ish) and brick red. These hipsters didn't even know they were putting their bikes together and constructing a marvelous color scheme!
I especially liked this bright yellow bike.

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