Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Xmas Kitsch

I've recently been addicted to this app on my iphone that lets you take pictures as if you took them with a lomography camera, and here are some kitschy Xmas photos I took around the house.

I had to sneak a picture of me in here. Don't I look like the lead singer of some Indie band? Don't you just wanna pop open a tall boy of PBR and Jam out to my muzique? This is a nordic sweater I got for Christmas. It's grey, like everything I own, and I love it! I'm a big fan of the shawl neck, it makes me feel like I'm Don Draper on vacation in Sweden.
This is a box of type my parents got me. I can't wait to experiment with it.
This will be my briefcase when I graduate in spring. I saw it on Etsy and immediately fell in love with it. It's a samsonite briefcase from the 60's that the artist I bought it from spray painted the decal on. I figure it will set me apart from other graphic designers, and will be an interesting houser for my portfolio. I'm also thinking about getting it lined with some cool fabric.

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