Sunday, July 18, 2010

Thrift Store Find: Books

So for my birthday I took the day off from work, and decided to go to a thrift shop called Village Discount about a mile from my apartment. I ended up find a lot of really awesome vintage books. I can't wait to display them on my mantle in Savannah!

This book of poems had some great retro illustrations in it.
Title says it all. I loved the era of Saul Bass inspired literature. So graphic, and where is it today?

Oh slab serifs. This book was destined to be noncontemporary. Actually when I picked it up I thought it was a western because of the type face, and the abused condition it was in, but then again it is from the 1940's. Dig Another Grave is about murderrrrrr muhahahhhahhaha, other books this author has written include: Murder's Coming, Grave without Grass, Death At Her Elbow, and And so She Had to Die. I liked the way it was laid out, it's simple, and clean.

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