Monday, August 9, 2010

Aerobicide: Killer Work Out

When I went to see Everything is Terrible: 2 Fast 2 Furious Tokyo Drift in Chicago, I got to see a few awesome clips from this movie, Aerobicide: Killer Workout. It seems in the 80's slasher films evolved into subgenres for everyone, including aerobics. So put on your headbands, leg warmers, and prepare to get murdered!

The cookie diet? WTF?
Even though murders at Rhonda's Gym are at an alltime high, that doesn't stop her customers from wanting to have sexy bods!

Killer Workout has a Killer soundtrack.
It's got a sweet VHS cover too. You won't be able to tell if this is a slasher flick, or a porno!
This pink one gets around, despite her corn-like teeth, and this soccer mom looking one is in nearly every shot!

Guys, Rhonda's got a secret...
She burnt 75% of her body in a derranged tanning bed accident, and now takes out her despair on men and women at her gym that have "perfect bods" Don't worry, there's plenty of scarred up booby action for the gents.

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