Sunday, August 8, 2010


I must say it's good to be back in Texas. I had a blast in Chicago, saw/did some amazing things, got to explore a big city on my own for once, but Texas was calling. I miss it when I'm away, and it's funny because I remember from High School-College all I ever wanted to do was "get out of this shit hole!"

I remember hating all the stereotypical things, like cowboy hats, big belt buckles, big fake blonde hair, redneck tans, hot as an oven summer weather, cowboy boots, etc, the list could go on forever.

But Now I actually think that stuff is kind of cool. I wont be sporting a cowboy hat, or boots, but I think of Texas as more of a plastic cliche now. When I think of the state, I think of: Westerns! The lone Ranger! rattlesnakes, cactus gardens, plastic cowboys and indians, Shiner Beer, and putting lonestars on EVERYTHING IN SIGHT!

Texas is a badass state. Between Austin and Dallas there are so many oddities for me to discover.
Just yesterday I went to a pool called "The Fraternity of the Eagle" which was out in the woods by the lake, pretty much secluded from everything else. It had this old country vibe. They call it the "Trailer Park of Country Clubs" There was a stuffed marlin on the wall of the club house, they had rafts of various shapes and sizes for people to float around in. The best part? You could buy beer there! I had a great time! Just lounging in the sun, drinking Lonestar, and meeting new people.

This isn't a post saying I'm never going to leave Texas, that isn't true. But it is a blog post saying that I'm appreciating what it has to offer for the very first time.

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