Sunday, July 19, 2009

Some records

When I was in Denton a couple weekends ago I told myself I wouldn't buy anything at the recycled books and music store, but that didn't last long.

Top left is a Cabaret Voltaire album that I had to have.  I thought it was rare since I've never found a single one anywhere else.  I like their sound.  It's very Ministry sounding, a lot of electronic noises and samplings from vintage audio. 

 Bottom left is a Rockabilly mix album that Ravel found, but I ended up buying.  I love Rockabilly culture, and the title of the album was too funny to not buy.  Rockabilly Rules, okay?  

The Atomic 61 45 was done in blue vinyl!  They have a dark, punk sound, plus it came with a bumper sticker so i had to get it.  

So Alive was played at the Eighties Night before, so I pretty much had to that time.  "I don't know what color your eyes are baby, but you hair is long and brown."

The Cyndi Lauper 45 does not fit into the collection at all, but contains the song "All through the night" a song just cheesey and synthy enough for my to break out into song over during any car ride or karaoke night. 

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