Monday, July 13, 2009

Songs of Obsession: We are your friends

See! Not the Nineties! Contemporary dance music.  
Unfortunately it's impossible to embed the video which is SUPERB so you're gonna have to follow this link to view it.  I know, I know, unforgivable.  
The song:
I love electronic music like this, and this was a really great idea, take two of the hottest artists in the biz right now and have them duke it out against each other.  Both Simian Mobile Disco and Justice have rocked my socks before, but this brings it to a whole new level.  This is the NEW party jam!
The Video: Better than the song even.  So hilarious.  So ironic.  So artsy.  So well done.  I won't ruin it for anyone but it's basically all the things you've secretly wanted to do to your friends while they're drunk.

and while I'm on electronic music...
"The boy is in love" by The Presets.  Incredible.  I love their eighties revival sound.  The sparkly and violent  homoerotic video is great too.  Slow Mo wrestling in milk?  Interesting.

Dynamic Duos:  The electronic world seems have a lot of them.  It makes sense to me; they can critique each other's work, and it makes for better music.  More bands should do it.

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