Monday, August 10, 2009

Care Package

A long overdue post, dedicated to Camille.
Something came for me in the mail today from Michigan.  
Hmmm there's Simpsons stamps all over it.  I hope it's from Ol'Sue.  I knew she secretly had a crush on me! My love is now requited! I knew it!  I KNE-Oh wait, it's just from Camille, nevermind.  False alarm.
An art piece full of inside jokes that only two people get.
And a wicked fine Serge Gainsbourg T shirt that I look freakin sweet in!

This is totally me! Thanks Camille!


Cramille said...

What the EFF!? I'm totally serious, I did NOT put those Simpsons stamps on there.

Glad you liked it! :D

fact_not_fiction said...

Heeeey. Yeah, my friend Joe had a pirate party. it was really freaking fun because everyone participated.

Like, everyone!