Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Room

So it's been about three months so far of me living at home in my old room, and I've stayed surprisingly sane.  I think the reason why is because I redecorated the place, and took down all of my old oppressing high school crap.

First off we have my bulletin board.  It used to be filled with memories, gross!, now it's filled with artwork from this summer that I've done.  If you look closely you'll see a Kid Pix sign I made when I was seven that reads "Lutenent Kevin Ruler of the Unavarse"  Child Prodigy.

Also, my black light is next to the bulletin board, and everything glows.  It sucks that black lights are such a big part of stoner culture (which is lame) because I think they're really cool.  Black light is like antilight and it really calms me down whenever I get stressed out, especially when I'm listening to my record player along with it.
This is a sculpture I did for my transfer portfolio since I wanted to have something 3d.  It's constructed out of rubber duckies and plastic army men.  You can get a better look here.
My room has these three little windows that I think are cool.  I even added a plant so it wouldn't look as dead.

The Time Machine series.  A series of small paintings I did from different eras in time, from primordial to the future.  I wish I did a million of them.
I finally got all of my paintings back from my old apartment and hung them up.  

A blown up rendering of Serge Gainsbourg, but of course.  above my record player is the diptych painting that my best friend Laura made me for my birthday.  It's a great shot of our asses.
Above my desk I have a bunch of Greek Gods and Goddesses...and a Tomb Raider bobble head.

And there's my self portrait next to my tribal mask collection.  I tried to hang it up like a totem pole, but im not sure it really has the same effect.


Joe Bananas said...

your room reminds me of mine when i had one. except mine was a little bit more dark and brooding. but it is nonetheless cool how similar the set up was

Cramille said...