Monday, August 10, 2009

Web Comics

I've been really neglecting my web comic.  I do this thing where I start them, get really into them, and then stop usually at the most crucial point.  I'm like Braniac, collecting entire civilizations in jars.  I've decided that among the many projects I will work on in Colorado next week, Purple Acid will be one of them.

My most recent comic adventure.  I created this world shortly after getting rejected from the Comm. Design program at UNT, so there's a lot of angst in the begining.  It stars a boy, Dare, who goes through the same situation, but a strange turn of events makes him forget all about it. It was really supposed to be a color study at first, to help me practice, but sort of evolved into what it is.  It's the most relevant to my life.

I made this when I was in high school, so forgive me for the story.  Think Tomb Raider, set in the 1800s.  Benjamin Studyheim ( a character I invented in middle school who looks remarkably like me.  Narcissistic much?) He's more of a treasure hunter, and he along with his sexy red headed side kick, go around the world searching for precious relics.  He's also got a sword with weird uncontrollable powers.

As for the robot.  You'll find out.

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Joe Bananas said...

purple acid is my favorite comic of yours. it pretty much hits home for those living in denton and know about the art student life