Sunday, December 27, 2009

San Marcos

Took a little trip to San Marcos to visit my friend, Michael.  I always thought San Marcos didn't have anything, like it was just this big mall off the highway that people go to for buying name brand clothing at cheaper prices, but I was wrong.  It actually reminded me a lot of Denton the way the town is set up i.e. a bunch of old, hip vintage clothing shops and restaurants centered around a courthouse, the classic Texas small town set up.  They also have nature there, unlike most places.

Some graffiti at a sandwich place that we went to first.  I figured I could use them as stock images some day.  There's something crude and endearing about them.  Like they were done by teenage cave delinquents with attitude. 

Experimenting with sunlight.  I like the way Michael's profile hits the sun like a silhouette.  

And finally, two modelly pictures I manipulated using adjustment layers in photoshop.  And yes, I wear purple sometimes.  Sometimes you have to salute His Purple Badness.

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